Hi! We're McKayla & Sean 

I, (McKayla), started this business in 2022 focusing on floral design but realized I wanted it to become more. I grew up gardening with my grandma and dad and have always had a love for the beauty of nature. I am a certified Permaculturalist and a (soon to be) Horticulturalist. I will be graduating from Oregon State University in spring of 2025! I have an eye for design and a passion for creating beautiful spaces and arrangements.    
Sean is a machinist and grew up in the car racing world. He has helped me with my floral business since the beginning. I tell him my ideas and he figures out the logistics of everything. Sometimes he has to bring me back down to earth, but most of the time he goes along with my crazy ideas. 
Together we make a passionate, driven team and we are so excited to help you with all of your flower and garden needs! 

I (McKayla) started Little Cottage Florals with the intention of trying to make the world better one flower at a time! I love designing and arranging flowers and I love weddings. So what better way to combine those two loves into a business!
What is Sean's role? Well, Sean has always been my helper behind the scenes and there is no way I could have this business without him! He helps me with wedding day transport, packing, setting up, the mechanics of large installments, and so much more! 
Sean and I love working together and our hope is that one day he can quit his job and work at Little Cottage Collective full time!
How does Rooted fit in? Rooted was dreamed up over several months and born out of our love for the outdoors and creating beautiful spaces! We wanted to share that love with others by offering garden design, maintenance, and consulting! 
What does the name mean? The name Little Cottage Florals (now Little Cottage Collective) came to me after a long brainstorming session trying to come up with a name for my business. The 'little cottage' is a real cottage that my dad built me when I was around 10 years old. It was my playhouse for many years and now it is a garden shed. The cottage in the logo is a drawing of my little cottage.  I am so glad I can honor my dad with this business, it brings me so much joy! 

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